Late in 2011, Beamed Trading started its journey providing solutions for medical and beauty markets through their distribution networks & global Principals. Since that date, Beamed kept looking forward to expanding their business, extending its market globally and adding new products’ ranges to extra new fields.


Nowadays Beamed Trading is one of the leader’s companies for the latest technology in Physiotherapy, Laboratory, Dermatology, Beauty, Analytical, X-Ray, Veterinary, Cardiology, Nutrition & General Medical Equipment. Following the tradition of the founders, Beamed Trading itself offers individualized customer service and innovative scientific equipment with the latest technologies in the market.

Beamed Name was initially chosen to prove that a company in the Medical Field can gets their customers always beamed, pleased & satisfied by their perfect services, solutions, and products
Beamed Trading is committed to offering quality products while catering to the unique needs for each individual customer. For over 10 years, we have dedicated to provide the best efficient service.