AlignRite Wrist Support without Wrap-Around Wrist Strap – Black – Short – Right – Large

$ 28

Provides Relief Without Limiting Movement
This lightweight brace keeps the wrist in a stable, neutral position to promote rest and minimize joint stress. The gentle compression offers excellent support and pain relief while keeping the thumb and fingers free for ease of movement.
Comfortable & Customizable
The cotton-coated rubber fabric features an open weave that allows for proper ventilation, preventing excess perspiration from forming underneath the wrap. The notched stay is easily adjusted to find the appropriate pressure needed to aid in recovery.
Size & Fit Information
Choose from two different lengths (long or short) for either the right or left wrist depending on the level of support needed. Long covers approximately two thirds of the forearm and short covers approximately one third of the forearm. For best fit, measure your wrist circumference just above the wrist bone and refer to the following size chart:

X-Small: 4.5” to 5.5” (11.4-14 cm)
Small: 5.5” to 6.5” (14-16.5 cm)
Medium: 6.5” to 7.25” (16.5- 18.4 cm)
Large: 7.25” to 8” (18.4- 20.3 cm)
X-Large: 8” to 8.75” (20.3- 22.2 cm)

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