Chattanooga Triton DTS Traction Packages – QuikWrap Belt

$ 474

Comfort & Security
Anterior and posterior pull points of the lumbar restraint help keep the distraction forces evenly distributed to relieve pressure on the lower back structures throughout the treatment area. The hook and loop closures are featured on both the belt and the belt extender for ultimate security.
QuikWrap Belt
Using this belt, you’re able to strap up your patient in as little as two minutes to prepare them for their treatment. The comfortable design allows the patient to remain relaxed without the feeling of the belt slipping or pulling.
QuikWrap Belt Extender
The belt extender is excellent for larger patients. When you attach the belt extender make sure the blue side is facing up and connect it using the fastening strips. Simply press the locking flaps to secure the belt extender. This quick extension will provide a more comfortable experience to those who need it.