CRPM300 Imaging and Pain Management Three-Movement Table – with Rectangular Top

$ 17,433

Carefully Constructed
The CFPM300 Imaging and Pain Management Three-Movement Table is equipped with safety straps to ensure the patient’s stability and safety. It is built with one inch radiolucent Comfort Foam, because the comfier the patient is, the more calm they will be. There is also a multifunction hand control to make it easy for the imager.
Electric Tilt
This three-movement table can be tilted electronically to save the medical professional’s time and energy to allow for a faster and more enjoyable process for the patient. There are two types of tilts that the imaging tables can accomplish. The Trendelenburg tilt can be tilt anywhere from forward 15 degrees to backwards 12 degrees. The electric lateral tilt allows the table to be at any angle between positive 15 degrees and negative 15 degrees.
Smooth Wheels
Built with four strong casters that are four inches in diameter. These wheels help the table withstand weight and heavy usage while still keeping a smooth and easy to steer ride. Each wheel also is equipped with locking capabilities to ensure that the patient stays stable and safe while imaging.