Rolyan Incremental Wrist Hinge, Right

$ 80

The Rolyan Incremental Wrist Hinge can be free-moving with end range blocking or static to help prevent stress on healing tendons and nerves. It is adjustable from full extension to full flexion in increments of 10 degrees on marked hinge. The hinge can be used for wrist fractures and dislocations, fractures at the base of the MCPs, stiff wrists or wrist contractures, and following tendon and nerve repairs and carpal tunnel release. It is excellent for four-strand tendon repair protocol. The hinge attaches to two-part splint base to position the wrist in the desired amount of flexion or extension. An adjustment screw provides simple hinge adjustments. Includes metal wrist hinge, adjustment screws, and attachment screws. Hinge, while must be placed on the radial side, attaches with a screwdriver.

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