Tri W-G Trendelenburg Electric Tilt Table, Motorized, 27X78, Pear Gray Base – Imperial Blue

$ 16,727

The Tri W-G Trendelenburg Electric Tilt Table features state of the art engineering combines with an innovative design in a table table that delivers premium performance, comfort and convenience. It features 0 to -12 degrees of tilt for situations that call for the versatility of Trendelenburg positioning. The 0-85 degrees tilt transitions from vertical to horizontal with smooth, quiet operation that take the patient from a soft start to an easy landing. An angle indicator allows precise position monitoring. A unique “X” frame is specifically designed to accommodate patient lifts for easier, and safer transfers. The rugged steel construction features a removable footboard for easy entry and exit. The 2″ upholster top comes in 13 smart colors and the frame is available in standard Pearl Fray, or optional Porcelain.